Pishams’ Bloater & Blenny Parfait

Trouble in the supermarket? We’ve all been there. Call for Security…


Christmas 1976 with the Watney’s Party Seven

I reckon it was Christmas 1976, when my cousin sneaked the Watney’s Party Seven (a  purchasable vessel containing seven pints of beer) up into his bedroom for us to have our own party.  This had been purely Roberto’s idea, of course. He was a bit of a rascal, the Artful Dodger to my straight-laced Oliver…

Film ’76

An amusing look back at the pain of trying to get into X-films as a schoolboy

Safari Pants

Ever had the holiday from hell with your family? How did it compare to this one?

Want to see YOUR short story published?

Wouldn’t you like to see your name in print? Think of the defeated look on your reptilian bosses face as you give him a signed copy of the book in which your work has been published for Christmas. Well now you can soar that very ego trip via any of three of Christopher Fielden’s writing challenges. ‘Oh…

A Prisoner of Wars

I wrote this story a while back when the world commemorated the 100th anniversary of the start of World War One. I wanted to write a story of people left in the UK that is equally as distressing and life-changing for the participants than than those that so many of our soldiers suffered in combat.