Not Being Joe Pasquale

You ever been mistaken for a celebrity? With no obvious reason



This is not one of the usual silly stories, but a cautionary tale based on the perils of computer games on kids. Don’t worry – back to the funny stuff next time

Terror at the Egg Station

Ever been faced with dilemma at a hotel egg station? of course you have! This story shows that the pressure is even worse behind the scenes than it diner level

The Fisherman – a creepy tale

When I was in my late teens, I loved to cycle the 10 miles or so to the Epsom Stewpond to start fishing at first light in the summer holidays. Amid the excitement of trying to catch tench before the morning heat put them off their food, the atmosphere of the deserted lake could be eerie, as I hope this story captures.

I entered this story in a Writer’s Magazine competition, and I am pleased to say that it was short-listed.

Devil’s Fruit

This is a very dark-humoured tale of the perils of dinner parties