My name is Martin and I enjoy writing the kind of short stories I like to read. The people in them are often bonkers, vindictive, skewed and sometimes dangerous. They are set in and around my home town of Newbury, a quiet market town in West Berkshire in the South of England.


Most are humourous, off-beat,  and hopefully good fun, though occasionally you will find a sad or moralistic tale- Give them a go – and please let me know what you think.




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  1. Hey, I just found your blog through Amy-Westphal.com
    I used to live in Newbury town center and then in Enborne before I moved to London.
    Look forward to reading your stories.

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    1. Dear Caramel

      Thank you so much for your message of support. Newbury will be forever fab, but not the same without you as a resident – everyone says so. As a resident myself, I can hopefully get away with saying it remains a town of odd folk of varying motives to habit my silly stories. I hope you enjoy them – let me know! I look forward to reading your blog. Martin

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      1. Thanks Martin. I have a good friends in Newbury, Thatcham, Headley, Enborne, Kintbury and Hungerford who I keep in touch with. Most of them have paid me a visit when they come into London. I was very happy there.
        I can imagine you have a great sources for stories. I knew lots of super-fit residents of Newbury in their nineties. They all had cats who were about twenty years of age. I always if there was something in the water that keep the vintage generation going for so long.
        I worked for a year for a married couple who were 100 and 94 – they were incredible.
        Yep…I will be checking out more of your stories definitely. Will you post some photos of the lovely countryside


  2. Caramel

    You are right about our perky pensioners – what a bunch! As you are a fan of mischievous matures, can be so bold as to lead you to my story ‘The Turbothrob Triple-X’ – it’s on my blog and may just remind you of your feisty centenarian. I’ll see what I can do in regard to pics of ol’ Newbs town, in the meantime I see I have plenty to read on your blog.


  3. Doug says:

    It’s the 2nd time reading but still funny. As a perky pensioner I still don’t understand what the hell is going on but it’s a rollicking tale. And it nearly solved the Thatcham crossing dilemma.

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  4. Thanks Doug! I’ve bought myself a sketch book and pencil and have started drawing illustrations to add to some of my old stories. I’m no artist, but with my daughter taking illustration at Uni I have begun sketching in the hope that I might get some tips from her. This also has the side benefit/drawback of resurrecting previous stories from the depths of my blog, so apologies if you have read them before!


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