All we hear is (clap clap) Kennet Radio (clap clap)

I was cycling with my good friend, Pianoman, on our weekly Sunday jaunt across the muds of Greenham Common, discussing our procrastination in our getting his song-writing/playing and my book,  Preposterous Tales From The Newbury Short Story Teller to a wider audience.

‘You know what,’ I said. ‘I could go on local radio and read my short stories. You could write the theme tune, sing the theme tune.’

‘Yeah, but knowing you, you’ll never get down to it, Marty-Boy,’ he sneered. I harrumphed, but he was right. I never do. So I did it.


That same Sunday, after a shower but before Antiques Roadshow, I emailed the idea my new marketing contact, Emma to see if she knew anything of local radio. Next morning I checked my emails before I left for work found that Emma, bless her, had emailed back  not only supporting the idea, but to say she had contacted Kennet Radio’s very own Ray Wilton, who had immediately invited me to take up the 7pm slot on his Monday Monthly Show…that day… in 12 hours’ time.


Working as a gardener, my mobile phone has to be garden-proof,  and me-proof  meaning it has no email facility, and working in the middle of the countryside, I have no daytime phone signal and can’t text either, so it was my return home at 5pm before I could confirm my acceptance to Ray, should the slot was still available, blaming my career choice for my tardy reply. He came back immediately. ‘A gardener?’ he said, ‘I’ve got you locked-in for 7 o’clock to talk about the book but, perhaps you wouldn’t mind hanging on and helping me with my gardening slot at 7:30.’ Such faith.


So I was on for an hour. The show was great. I recommend it as an entertaining mix of feel-good songs and magazine style interviews and IMG_0122pieces. You can find Kennet Radio on-line here or on 106.7FM in the West Berkshire area. Ray turned out to be the lovely chap he had appeared to be from his emails, and the studio was as cramped, hot and full of screens, dials and other unidentifiable audio paraphernalia as I’d hoped. Between tracks from Bronski Beat and The Beautiful South, I managed to plug the book, while not swearing, farting or embarrassing myself in any other way, before the masses were treated to talk on sowing parsnips and forcing rhubarb. I loved the experience and Ray has even got back since to invited me back Kennett radiofor future (gardening) shows. Thank you, Ray.

The broadcast is available forever via Kennet Radio’s ‘Listen back’ facility. If you care to listen, you can find the whole show here

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    That’s brillliant!


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