No Comment…

A pleas to fellow Bloggers

Dear WordPressers

I wonder if any of you can help?

For the last couple of months, I’ve had problems ‘liking’ and leaving comments on other blogs. When I click ‘reply’, add my pithy and well-considered comments to your splendid blog posts, and click ‘send’, sure enough they  appear in the normal way on my screen- i.e, as the latest in the chronological list of comments from other commenters in the time-honoured way. ‘Hurrah,’ I think…But hang on a mo… If I refresh, or move away from that page then return to it, my comments and also (I think) the ‘like’ I have sent have disappeared from the record.

I can only think that:
– The whole blogosphere hates me and have allocated my comments to ‘spam’ en masse
– I am doing something stupid
– There is something amiss somewhere with my own blogs Settings
– My comments are so spiteful, petty or dull that WordPress is censoring them

Oddly, if you are kind enough to comment on any of my posts, the reply I make back to you by way appears to stick without a problem.

I’ve tried Googling the reason but have only found gobbledegook – I can’t seem to find this exact problem, which probably suggests I am doing something within the ‘stupid’ category.

Anyway. Until this is sorted, please don’t think I don’t love you all and your delightful posts

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  1. amydwestphal says:

    Sorry this is still happening. I’m not savvy enough to figure it out☹️ but hope it’s done soon!

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  2. Sadje says:

    I have no idea why it is happening but it happens to me too. Just on certain blogs.

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  3. Aha! Maybe we are on to something…


  4. It happens to me occasionally, but only for a short time. If I wait a day my likes and comments work again.


  5. Doug says:

    Hii Martin
    Your comments get through to me every time, I believe. I hadn’t seen any stories for a few months but I just assumed you were working on other projects or stories.


  6. What a pain! Hope it’s resolved soon.


  7. sorry this is happening to you. And us, since we’re missing out on your comments. Have you queried wordpress directly?


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