A Banksy…In Newbury??

I’m sorry, but I cannot condone graffiti or any other form of ‘guerrilla’ art – I’m from Surrey after all, and we just don’t approve of that sort of anarchic art thing let alone consider applying it in an unregulated manner myself. I drew a smiley face on the margin of a Daily Express once and felt a bit giddy, so the thought of spraying the side of a train carriage with indecipherable lettering not only plays with my sense of structure and precise etiquette, but impinges on my insistence on precise lexicographical standards.

Banksy has (or maybe hasn’t) made a living from his own brand of lawlessness, making a nuisance of himself in perfectly neat walls and bridges in many cities for over 20 years and apparently has still not been brought to book. 

This said, I was impressed by the Christmassy ‘Banksy’ that recently appeared in Port Talbot, South Wales, that we have all seen in our Daily Expresses recently. It may have been unsolicited, but it is both of high aesthetic quality and invokes the sort of strong political message that defines Banksy’s work. It is a fine piece. The fact that Jo and I intend to move to Port Talbot in retirement is a coincidence, albeit property prices have probably doubled since its arrival, even if is has already proved liable to attack by local ‘drunk halfwits’.


So what a dilemma to head off to Newbury town and descend into the pedestrian underpass to find…could it be…on Christmas Eve… our very own…Banksy?


I’ll let you make you own mind up, and the urgent message it conveys. In the meantime I look forward to checking what difference it has made to our house values when the Estate Agents open up after New Year.



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  1. Doug Larsen says:

    It may be a banksy. Look at the realism and exquisite detail. I hope no one tries to remove the underpass

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed not. Its maybe a case of art imitating life as its the very same underpass in which Jo was once flashed at a few years back. She reported in to the police – to a P C Bone! You couldn’t write it could you, though possibly I just have.


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