My Anthology of Humorous Short Stories ‘Preposterous Tales From the Newbury Short Story Teller’….now available on Kindle

Hi everyone

Sorry to rattle your cages again.

Just to confirm that for those of you more technically advanced with your reading, the e-version of ‘Preposterous Tales From the Newbury Short Story Teller’ has been made available via:

Link to e-version on Amazon

Thank you!


preposterous tales front - final


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  1. Well Martin…
    …there is a message in my inbox from Amazon, saying my paperback copy will arrive on Monday!

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  2. Lordy lordy!. I trust you will not be sitting in all day waiting. Thank you so much for the order – it’s not a money-spinning exercise by any stretch, but the process of getting a book out there has been exciting and though very time consuming, has been much simpler than I thought. Once I’ve held the launch event (I’ve booked a market stall in Newbury town on 15th December) I hope to have time to put together a blog piece aimed at encouraging others to achieve their ambitions. Martin

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  3. amydwestphal says:

    Good luck with the launch event. That’s exciting. My paper copy is a-soaring across the pond.

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