I entered a limerick-writing challenge on Esther Chilton’s fine writer’s blog.

She was kind enough to publish them.

The relevant excerpt from her blog is shown below, otherwise click on the link to see the full article and other great writing stuff and writing challenges.

estherchiltonblog                                                Esther Chilton – Writer and Tutor

I Challenge You To…

Posted on February 15, 2018 by Esther Chilton

After a big break from my challenges, they’ve slowly started to creep in again.This week I challenge you to write a limerick. Here’s a silly one from me:

There was a pop star called Gail,
Who received lots of fan mail,
One day she was sent a snake
Wrapped up in a slice of cake,
Alas, it made her quite pale.

I Challenge You To…

Posted on March 1, 2018

The last challenge I set you was for a limerick.

The brilliant Martin Strike sent in these gems:

An old man with limericks to write
Sat scratching his head half the night
Hope was finally lost
When his eyeballs went crossed
We all empathise with his plight.

A young lady who once ran a blog
Found her love life a dead horse to flog
So she hunted for suitors
From male contributors
And chose which ones to marry love or snog.

You remember that old man in bed?
With no limericks at all in his head
Shouted ‘There’s no more time’
‘To think up bad rhyme’
‘I’ll do next week’s challenge instead.’

A would-be writer from Newbury Town
Found it hard to get his stories down
Cos his readers he disturbed
with his prose over-adverbed
And apostrophes in each plural noun.

That old man who gave up on limericks
Found his cross eyes were still playing tricks
He got one of his neighbours
To take him to SpecSavers
Now to non-rhyming writing he sticks.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Aisling Norburne says:

    Really good. Love them xx

    Kind regards Aisling Sent from my iPhone



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