Nonsensically Challenged – Volume 1

Hi Friends

I wonder if you would like to do just a little bit for charity on saturday 3rd June?

For on this very day, the legendary Chris Fielden, he of short story competition fame, in league with Lesley Truchet, launch their latest book, Nonsensically Challenged, with proceeds going to the Daisy Garland children’s charity.

This fine book contains bonkers stories of all types and looniness from the first 100 authors who chose to submit, including myself and everyone’s super hero, Captain Beany.

With the aim of making as much for charity as we can, the hope is to make as many Amazon purchases as possible on launch day, saturday 3rd June, to drive it as high up the ratings as it can go which in turn, could lead to more purchases and thus raise more money for the cause.

If you wish to help, you can purchase either a traditional paper copy, or electronic version for your device via the link shown below, ideally at some point on saturday if possible, but if not, any time.

Lastly, if you do buy a copy, once read, please add a review on Amazon if you can  – again these all help raise the profile.

Thank you so much.


Nonsensically Challenged Volume 1, Flash Fiction Nonsense Anthology – Christopher Fielden

Nonsensically Challenged Volume 1

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