Taste – A sinister short story

Buses were his first obsession. His earliest memories were of playing with the lead-painted toy Routemaster he received on his 5th birthday. Well, it was more engage with than play. Sure, the beloved model was steered around the right-angled edges of the mat on the floors of his parent’s house but without the random joyrides,…

Oh, Richard!

You can learn a lot from your cat when it demands food in the night. Much of it you’d rather not hear…

(Cargo) Ship Ahoy!

For someone who gets seasick in the bath and never puts salt on his chips, how did I fall for a cargo ship?


Local newspapers are under pressure to sell copy, but supposing someone comes up with a nefarious reason to increase circulation…

Dishwasher Daiquiris

Hungover? Got a cold? Feeling rubbish? What would YOU drink to feel better again?